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Ultimate Multi Tool Box Features:-

  • Flashing
  • Remove SIM Lock
  • Repair BT/WIFI
  • IMEI Repair (Please follow your country rules before using this option)
  • Wipe Phones
  • Remove Google Account
  • Remove FRP/Samsung Account/Rent Center Lock
  • Smart Card Protected
  • Supports Windows XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8.0, Win 8.1, Win 10

LG Android

  • Reset PIN/Password/Pattern/Enable ADB without Data Loss
  • Easy IMEI Repair without Wipe etc.
  • Enable Diag
  • Write IMEI/MEID
  • Wipe/Restore EFS
  • Read/Write QCN
  • Reset FRP Lock


Intel CPU Based Android Phones

  • ASUS ZenFone5 IMEI Repair


Motorola Android

  • Motorola FRP Reset
  • Motorola IMEI Repair
  • Motorola Easy Flashing



  • AllWinner – IMEI Repair
  • Wipe and Unlock Supported in Android Utils


Android Application Manager

  • Easily remove Unwanted App/Viruses
  • Get List of All Apps with APK Name
  • Uninstall / Block / Unlock or even Fully Delete App
  • Backup APK file deleting Apps
  • Very usefull to Remove Bloatware and Viruses


Android Utils

  • Get Partition Information of any Android Device.
  • Backup / Wipe / Restore Any Partition in One Click
  • Remove PIN/Password/Pattern
  • Remove Google Account Lock
  • Wipe Data
  • Read APN Data
  • Write APN Data
  • Anti-Malware to Remove Viruses
  • Monkey Virus Removal Tool


Samsung Android Flasher

  • Fully Customized Flashing
  • Flash Partition of your choice
  • Flash Partitions not mapped to PIT (Exclusive)
  • Wipe any Partition of your choice


Samsung Android Universal

  • DRK Repair via UART / ADB / Recovery
  • Remove PIN/Password/Pattern/Finger Print Lock without Data Loss


Samsung Spreadtrum Platform

  • Direct Unlock without Root (any Model)
  • Direct Unlock Hard Locked Phones
  • Read/Write Certificate
  • Repair IMEI/WIFI/BT


Samsung Marvel Platform

  • – Direct Unlock almost any Model
  • – Read/Write Certificate
  • – Repair IMEI


Samsung Qualcomm Platform

  • All New Qualcomm Factory Unlock
  • Direct Unlock for the following Models:

Model List

  • Enable Diagnostic Port
  • Enable UART
  • Enable Hidden Menu Feature
  • Remove PIN/Password/Pattern Lock without Data Loss via Modem Port
  • Format Phone
  • Samsung SPD Unlock (HardLocked Also)
  • Samsung SPD Cert Read/Write
  • Samsung SPD IMEI/WIFI/BTID Repair
  • Samsung FRP Reset, EE/Rent Center Unlock, Reactivation Lock
  • Custom Partition Wipe

ZTE Android

  • Unlock, Write IMEI / BT Adress / Wifi Mac

Other Features:

  • NV Read / Write
  • – Remove ESN, MEID, SPC and IMEI From Full Firmware
  • – Qualcomm Firmware Editor
  • – One Click FTM Fix For Phones Stuck in FTM Mode
  • – Read / Write RUIM Configuration
  • – Auto Detect CPU Type and Flash and EFS Size
  • – Read Firmware in Normal and Download Mode
  • – ESN To MEID Bruteforce to Find Matching MEIDs for a given ESN
  • – Full Diagnostic Terminal to send any Diag Command to Phone

Advance Features

  • Automatic Detection of Firmware Type
  • – Automatic Flash Chip Detection to Protect from Flashing Wrong Size Firmware
  • – Manual Mode Unlocking For ZTE Phones to Unlock Even Unsupported Phones
  • – Automatic Detection of Phone Model for LG and ZTE
  • – Automatic User Code Read while reading Information
  • – ZTE Recovery Module to Recover most ZTE Phones in Blinking Condition



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