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13: UFST

UFST Box By SarasSoft

After much anticipation Saras has now created the New UFST Box.

This is the new UFST box by saras soft, and will be replacing the already highly popular long standing UFS 3 / HWK box. 


 Why Do I Need UFST Box if I already have UFS3/HWK Box?

The UFST Box allows you to use newer features in software version and higher.

Old box's can still use this software but CANNOT use the new additions in and beyond.

So no more updates for older UFS3 / HWK boxs, you must have this new UFST Box to use new updates.

UFST Box is BRAND NEW HARDWARE and speed of flashing is dramatically improved.

New features for SAMSUNG with full support for all Android phones as S4 I9505 etc.

High speed USB Interface (480Mhz carrier).

Custom Vbat, Vpp, TX, RX and BSI connector are only few of most important changes from old Box.

New LG module also already released in v2.3.0.0


Technical Specifications:-

High Speed USB interface (480Mhz carrier)

On board High Speed USB Hub

On board RID control (Samsung, LG JIG emulation)

High Speed UART communication up to 3.686.400 Bauds

High Speed Fbus transfer, up to 16Mhz

Programmable BSI resistance

On board Vpp generator (12v)

Custom Vbat, Vpp , Rx, Tx and BSI connector

Universal USB cable with all possible modes for Samsung and LG

USB / UART switching on same Universal Cable

Samsung Android devices Factory Programming Mode (FPGM)

First time in USB using USB3 cable

Smartcard Protected


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