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Volcano Box Features:-

Volcano Box have Special feature of detecting phones. This is really help full when you don’t know which cpu you have in your phone. Simply select auto detect cpu from detect type and press and hold power button it will detect your phone cpu. Detecting will be from tx rx.

Volcanobox also have Manual select pinout. This mean you if you know pinouts for any phone just simply drag and drop your desire pin feature on desire pin after all just press set pinout. You are ready to service your mobile

Volcano box have very special feature called finding boot pin. Some phones will not boot until you know which pin from pinout is boot boot. So this feature volcano make life easy. Simply select your desire cpu and click on detect button it will auto find boot pin.

Volcano box can make any pin to pull up or pull down to your phone bootable. Also volcano have some Additional feature which really useful in detecting like short two pins. Set resistance etc

Volcano can set make almost all type of usb and com cables. For example if you don’t have your nokia usb cable you can simply set correct pinout and press set pinout now your volcanobox is your ultimate usb cable.


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