Prouct Details


RIFF JTAG firmware supports following features at the moment:

  • ARM7/ARM9/ARM11  PXA3xx,  PXA270, Cortex-A8, OMAP850, Cortex-A9 , Cortex-A15, Cortex-A5 Dual/Quad cores support;
  • Multiple  devices  on  JTAG  chain  are supported, thus TAP number selection is available;
  • Any custom voltage  level selection  from range ~1.4V to 3.3V
  • TCK/Adaptive clocking selection
  • Halt core (NRST is not changed)
  • Reset core (NRST is applied before halt)
  • Direct  Read  memory  (by  8/16/32-bit bytes/half-words/words)
  • Direct  Write  memory  (by  8/16/32-bit bytes/half-words/words)
  • Access  to  the  control  registers  of ARM core (coprocessor 15)
  • Program code breakpoints
  • Run core
  • Custom scripting and DCC loader support (trace32 compatible)
  • Custom GDB Server Available
  • I/O pins detection !Unique feature offered only by RIFF JTAG


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